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Ed’s Supply Earns National Award with Rheem Air

Since 2009 Rheem Air has annually recognized top distributor performers across the world through their Premier Performers Program.  Rheem Air uses eleven key sales and support metrics to measure each Rheem/Ruud distributor’s commitment to excellence in their respective markets.  Based on these metrics, only a few distributors rise to the top to earn annual national and international awards.

Ed’s Supply Co. is proud to announce that they have won the 2023 Gold Award in the Rheem Premier Performer Program.  Ed’s Supply has now earned this award two years in a row, having also won the Gold award in the 2022 program.

Ed’s Supply Co. has partnered with Rheem Air for many years to bring successful business to the many markets it serves.  People, service, and inventory are cornerstones of how Ed’s Supply goes to business every day, and those have led to great success with Rheem Air product sales.  Ed’s Supply’s dedication to supporting its markets through implementation of Rheem dealer programs, robust technical support, and dealer trainings has increased the level of service they bring to their Rheem Air dealers each and every day.

A special thanks to Rheem Air for ongoing support, and congratulations to the Ed’s Supply team!

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