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Product Selection

Our inventory of HVAC/R Parts, Equipment and Air Distribution products is one of the largest in the Southeast. In addition, our Special Order Department can procure any difficult to find commercial, industrial or residential item. Give us a call. We’re up for the challenge.

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Segments Served
  • Ventilation / Humidity
    Whole House dehumidification, humidification, fresh air ventilation systems and zoning
  • Air Purification
    Particulates, Bioaerosols, VOC’s
  • Commercial air filtration and industrial IAQ Solutions
    2nd and 3rd stage filtration, UVGI for room, airborne and coil disinfection
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Technical Training

We offer professional training seminars on equipment and components throughout the year. These seminars can help you with trouble-shooting techniques and mastering new product technology.

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Commercial Filtration and IAQ
  • Indoor air quality is a major concern to business, building managers, tenants and employees because it can impact the health, comfort, well being and productivity of building occupants. (EPA Study)
  • Pollutants in our indoor environment can increase the risk of illness.
  • An EPA Report to Congress concluded that improved indoor air quality can result in higher productivity and fewer lost work days.
  • EPA estimates that poor indoor air may cost the nation tens of billions of dollars each year in lost productivity and medical care.

Air purification and filtration for commercial applications most often presents a higher level of complexity. Ed’s Supply has a solutions focused professional resource to assist with product selection.

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