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Bridging the Gap: Overcoming Uncertainty in HVAC Sales

Surely you have experienced it, right?  You visit a customer with hopes of helping them with their heating and cooling needs, only to find out that they have more questions than answers.  And understandably so.  The world of HVAC is a confusing one to outsiders.  The complexities of HVAC cover a broad scope, from the workings of common heating and cooling systems to foundational theories of heat transfer.  Even beyond that, selling processes can create another area of uncertainty.  Pricing, affordability, product information, etc.  This can be overwhelming to a consumer who is simply looking for comfort in their home.

Selling heating and cooling solutions to consumers can be like speaking a completely different language.  And many HVAC contractors often struggle with effectively communicating information and expectations to their customers on sales visits.  The gap between the deep technical knowledge of those who sell for a contractor and your average consumer is vast.  This can create some unique communication obstacles working to close on sales.

Let’s talk about some simple ways to overcome customer uncertainty when selling in the home:

  • Use consumer friendly language – Customers want to understand what they are purchasing and why it is beneficial. Translating HVAC jargon into ideas that customers can comprehend is a necessary art that doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  Consider taking time to create a list of the most common talking points in your sales approach, and create simplified, relatable responses for each.


  • Less can be more – It is an easy trap to fall into for a knowledgeable contractor to overshare his wealth of industry knowledge in an effort to educate the customer. While consumers want to feel confident in their purchase choice, they can easily be overwhelmed when too much information is given from the contractor.  Consider trimming your sales conversations down to only what is necessary for the homeowner to understand the benefits and complete the sale.


  • Bundle your offerings – Contractors offer a variety of products and services which can be layered to benefit a customer (i.e.- service agreements, financing options, extended warranties, IAQ, etc.). When each product and service is offered separately, it increases the complexity in the minds of customers.  Bundling these services together into set purchase plans can simplify the choices that customers will make when closing the sale.  It empowers the customer to make a clear, confident choice while empowering the contractor to increase close rates on preferred products and services.


  • Offer financing on every job – Costs for HVAC products and services have risen sharply over the past couple of years. Inflation creates more stress on consumers to cover the cost of comfort needs in their home, which in turn can create conservative cashflow behaviors.  By offering financing options to all customers, a contractor increases his ability to close more sales and sell better comfort options more often.  Customers get more comfort for an affordable cost, while the contractor increases the value of his business.

If you are looking to for new ways to grow your business, Ed’s Supply Co. and Rheem Heating and Cooling can help you achieve these steps above and much more. Ed’s and Rheem offer a variety of dealer programs and tools to maximize business growth and profit, including residential and commercial KwikComfort Financing programs, seasonal promotions, and marketing co-op programs.

For elite dealers who put priority on training, marketing, and dynamic business growth, Rheem offers the Rheem Pro Partner Program.  Rheem Pro Partners are the top-tier industry contractors who embody excellence in all aspects of their businesses.  Through this program, Rheem provides contractor incentives through special extended seasonal promotions, innovative training opportunities including interactive online courses, and creative marketing and business support like social media management, digital marketing campaigns, and enhanced marketing co-op plans.

To find out more about how Ed’s Supply and Rheem can partner with you and your business, contact your Ed’s salesman or local branch manager.  You can also reach out to Rheem Dealer Development Specialist, Brad DiPasquale, at

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