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March Madness: Ed’s Supply Partners with News Channel 5 to Promote Rheem Heating and Cooling

Ed’s Supply has partnered with News Channel 5 for 2018 to promote the Rheem brand and Rheem dealers through commercials, online videos, and website marketing.

As the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament unfolded, News Channel 5 aired Rheem Pro Partner commercials each night of the tournament during the 10pm newscast. These 15-second commercials book-ended one of the commercial breaks, so that the likelihood of consumers viewing the commercials was maximized.

As well, a few of our local Rheem Pro Partners are featured in short HVAC basics videos in the “Now You Know How” section of the News Channel 5 website. From choosing the right air filter to regular maintenance basics, viewers learn fundamental truths about their HVAC systems from qualified Rheem professionals.

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These videos are marketed to viewers via Facebook, Youtube, the News Channel 5 App, and the News Channel 5 website. So far, the videos have reached over 80,000 people, with more than 30,000 views!!! If you would like to view the videos, follow the link below.

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