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People Service Inventory Since 1957
Chattanooga & Georgia Region


Our Priority is Helping the Customer be Successful
Founded in 1957 in Nashville Tennessee, Ed's Supply Company Inc., is primarily focused in wholesale distribution of air conditioning, refrigeration, as well as heating parts and supplies across Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi.

It’s been over 65 years since Ed Kennedy would load up his station wagon with refrigeration drums and make the rounds, building the Ed’s brand. But one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our focus on the customer. This drive has led us to growing to 20 locations, located in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi with a service market extending to northern Louisiana. Our three distinct regional markets allow us to dial into the unique needs of the local contractor community. In 2022 Ed’s Supply joined Heritage Distribution Holdings to become part of the fastest-growing HVAC/R distributor families in the US. Despite a continually evolving business climate, Ed’s Supply Company continues to enjoy a multi-generational legacy of committed local decision making and a customer-centered vision.

Our mantra, “People, Service and Inventory” means our customer can expect every store to take unparalleled pride in providing industry-leading customer service and well-stocked inventory. Our core values are manifested by what we refer as “The Ed’s Way”, which means you can expect our team to always do the right thing, treat people like they would like to be treated, listening to their heart/gut when making a decision, make people feel comfortable and appreciated, and above all, deliver exceptional service.

The Ed’s Supply organization wouldn’t be anywhere without its employees, who are knowledgeable, forward-thinking, and always ensuring the best possible experience. We are always planning ahead, leveraging industry best practices and using the latest enterprise software for efficient and quick management of our products. Through our formal training programs, frequent counter days and numerous engagement activities, Ed’s Supply helps our customers stay abreast of the latest HVAC/R challenges and business trends. We strive to identify opportunities and find solutions that will meet our customers’ needs.

We invite you to become part of our story.

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Our Mission
Be the best HVAC and Refrigeration distributor through people, service, and inventory.
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