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Spring Clean Your HVAC System

According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling makes up over half of your home’s energy use. Now is the perfect time to prepare your AC to run efficiently before warmer temperatures come our way.

1. Test Run Your AC

  • Many of us wait for that first muggy 85° spring day before cranking our thermostat down. Try out your AC on a more temperate day and notice how it works. The air coming out of your vents should be 15-20° cooler than room temperature. Running your system ahead of time will also allow you to easily get anything fixed before the rush of summer.

2. Clean Your Unit

  • Leftover fall leaves, sticks, and other garden debris can get stuck and impede your system’s efficiency. Wash your outdoor unit with a garden hose to remove anything blocking the AC’s grill. Trim any plants near the unit and the fan will remove your home’s waste heat more effectively.

3. Replace Your Filter

  • Warmer temperatures also bring blooming trees, grasses, and their seasonal allergy culprit, pollen. Changing your AC’s filter will give your indoor air a first line of defense against these bothersome symptoms. Filters are available in a wide variety of types and performances depending on your needs.

Suspect there’s a problem with your system or considering upgrading to a more efficient unit? Contact your local HVAC service to get your house ready while temperatures are still cool.

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